Vinny Naro Jones Beach

From PhanArtist Vinny Naro, we have his two-editions of Jones Beach prints!

The first edition is an 18×24″ Giclee art print on 250 gsm archival rag paper. Limited to 25. Each print is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Some are hand finished w/ paint and ink. These are $40 in person on the beach or $52.00 S&H included in price.

The second edition– 12×18″ poster on 100lb. uncoated stock. Limited to 150. Each poster is signed and numbered only. These are $10 in person on the beach or $20.00 S&H included.

**Payment info- Please allow 2-3 weeks (usually less) for shipping. Send PayPal to or snail a check/money order to Vinny’s studio. Email him for the address.

Vinny Naro Jones Beach

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