Vote for Steve Rogers and AJ Masthay for POSTER OF THE YEAR

The print below has been nominated for Poster of the Year on, a website that hosts a great deal of art and combines all genres of poster art together in one space. Alongside Phish artists, you can find Pearl Jam Posters, Shepard Fairey’s OBEY and countless other works of art.

The link to vote  is on the home page in the upper right corner.

How to vote:

1) If not already registered for, sign up. It is a great way to keep track of your art collection and you can comment on art as it is introduced on the site.

2) Click ‘Poster of the Year 10’.

(Clicking on an image will display a larger one.)

3) There are 10 pages of posters. In order to advance to the next page, you need to select one poster and weigh it against the next page by clicking ‘this is the best’. AJ’s MSG tryptych is on page 4, Steve’s Atlantic City Halloween Poster is on page 5. You can see them below.

4) As artists of the site, we support both AJ and Steve and ask you to vote for whichever poster you deem the best.

Thank you for supporting PhanArtists AJ Masthay and Steve Rogers!

Steve Rogers' Atlantic City Halloween poster

AJ Masthay's NYE Tryptych

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