Watkins Glen Superball Pin And Badge from PhanBadge

The Watkins Pin is Made from black metal Nickel and Double Posted to Keep the pin in place. Measuring 1.5 inches Wide and 1.25 inches high, this is PhanBadge’s first pin design with a Guyute Pin in the works for a 2nd design. This pin is in a limited edition of 300, numbered on the back. The pin costs $12 each.


Watkins “PIT CREW” Superball Badge completed PhanBadge’s run of Phish festival badges, ending with something a little bigger, since this is SUPERBALL and  it needs a SUPERSIZED badge. This one is 3 inches in diameter and can be Iron on as well as stiched. This is also a limited edition badge of 200 and costs $6 for each badge.


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