YEMSG pins from Jiggs and PhanArt

On 12/4/09 at MSG during the jam in YEM I shot off a quick text to Jiggs. It was brief and read YEMSG!!! The seed was planted, Jiggs went to design it and we made some stickers that you might have gotten anywhere since Miami. Now, you can get a permanent version in pin form. We are pleased to announce the YEMSG pin. This 1.25″ pin will be a simple black against polished silver. There are two posts, mounted vertically, and the back is numbered (1-100) and stamped with the Jiggs design logo. The posts feature the black rubber clutches, rather than the classic ones pictured. There will only be 100 produced. The pin is in production and is expected to ship to me at the end of the week (10/14). The pins are being offered both here and through Jiggs. If you are a collector, numbers 1-50 will be available at Jiggs Lot, numbers 51-100 will be available here at PhanArt.

these pins are SOLD OUT!

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