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Submission Guidelines

Did you make a poster, shirt, sticker, pin or something else to sell in the lot? Send an email to with the following info and you’ll be up on the site soon after.

Here’s how to participate with PhanArt

1) Agree to be a part of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish (the book and website)

2) Please familiarize yourself with the general rules for avoiding violating Phish Copyright protection. It is important that those creating art do not make an item that cannot be posted on PhanArt or worst, one that can be confiscated on lot. Familiarize yourself by reading these three articles: Smart Art in the Phish Community, Why You Shouldn’t use the Phish Logo, The usage of the word Phish and images of the band members likeness. 

3) Send some info about the piece of art, the way it was made, the # in the edition (if applicable), a little info on the design and some text that can describe the art that fans are looking at

Also send a paypal button code or email address for sales, along with a picture and description of what it is you made. (pics under 2mb please) an optional bio of yourself is cool too. *It is strongly suggested that you watermark your photos to prevent anyone from appropriating them*.

If you can – please watermark your photo so that the image cannot be used by anyone else.

A paypal button works wonders, much better than ‘send this address money’, based on feedback from those who have utilized the site in the past.

To make a button, go to paypal->merchant services->add to cart button->enter in item name, cost, shipping and create code. In the upper right hand corner, before copying the code, click ‘remove code protection’, as the current theme for WordPress used does not mesh well with the protected code. Send the entire code.

(To track sales directly from PhanArt, in the field at the top when you go to “Create a New Button.” There’s a field at the top that says “Item Name” and just to the left of that there’s a small box that says “Item ID (optional)”. Put ‘PhanArt’ in that field and it will show up in the order and on the label when you print/ship.”)

4) Agree to make a donate (a suggested amount of) 10% to The Mockingbird Foundation ( and report the total back to us to include in the total submissions for PhanArt and friends. If you do not want to donate money direct to Mockingbird Foundation, you can also donate one or two of your items for eventual auction to benefit Mockingbird.

5) Please promote the post on Phish Message Boards, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and amongst your friends and family. Spreading the word takes a team effort!

6) If your item sells out, please let us know so we can discontinue your paypal link

*note* – If you are selling an item during tour, please let us know where you will be selling them, so we can let our readers know!

We do not charge to be a part of PhanArt. We simply ask that you donate to charity instead or send us a poster, shirt or other item to be auctioned off later for Mockingbird. So far we have raised nearly $7,000 for Mockingbird Foundation thanks to donations from artists like you!

Of course, please link the website on your site and spread the word to your friends!

Typically it takes 1-2 days to get your post up on the site.

Sample Post

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