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BBFCFM Vs. The Mothership A Hampton Poster By OTTO ART

Branden Otto has made a new print for this upcoming run in Hampton. The print is the Big Black Furry Creature From Mars versus the Mothership. This print is available now for pre-order for $20 plus shipping and those prints will be hand printed on October 12 & 13th, which would make them available for shipment the week of October 14th. The print will ship in a heavy duty mailing tube via UPS.

Big Black Furry Creature From Mars versus the Mothership
18″ x 24″
100 lb cover stock
Hand drawn and printed
Signed and numbered
Limited Edition of 100

Please Click Here for pre-order or purchase.

BBFCFM shirts

This BBFCFM shirt from Justin features the Character Gossamer, the space creature from Warner Brothers.  You may recall that he and Marvin the Martian used to go at it.  The shirt is printed on a Tultex 100% Cotton White mens shirt. The lettering, moss and creature’s hands are Puff Ink. There are only 10 L and 10 XL left. Including shipping the cost is $24


The Inspiration for BBFCFM in Syracuse?!

We have recently learned that a few proactive phans covered the tour buses in Syracuse with many copies of Surrender to the Flow before the show.


Could THIS be the reason Big Black Furry Creature from Mars was played?

Cover Artist Drew Suto has printed a run of 50 posters featuring his cover art for STTF #23.  The prints are 18 X 12 and are $10 a piece with $3 for shipping. Contact him at otuswerd@yahoo.com for details.

sttf 23