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SPAC postcards from Steve Rogers

From Steve Rogers, we have a simple SPAC postcard measuring 4 x 6 that highlights the two day event.

On the back of the postcard it reads: The Saratoga Performing Arts Center, set in a 2,400 acre park preserve surrounded by hiking trails, geysers and natural mineral springs has set the stage for world-class experiences for generations.

Postcards are printed on glossy card stock and can even be mailed….just needs a stamp! Postcards are $2 each and can be purchased at SPAC in the lot of course right next to the guy selling Frankenstein French breads.

The SPAC lithograph posters measure 11 x 17 and are printed on a high quality gloss stock. There is a limited run of 40 posters. Each poster is signed and numbered.

Check out my other posters and tee’s at Steve’s shop and enjoy.