Barefoot Bob Memorial Raffle and Auction

On January 7, 2013 the Phish and Grateful Dead communities were given the news that Robert Eckhart had passed from a strong battle with cancer. Everyone knows him as “Barefoot Bob”. He leaves his wife and two sons behind.

The way Bob treated everyone he knew, whether it was in person, or via Twitter and Facebook is what planted the seed for the memorial fund. Without missing a beat a few friends began working out details for the raffle and auction that has become the ” The Robert Eckhart Memorial Fund Charity Raffle and Auction”.  Several fans of Phish, artists and Phish itself have generously donated to the cause.

To enter the raffle, all you have to do is donate $20 to the Robert Eckhart Memorial Fund and email your receipt to the email given on the website. An eBay storefront was also set up to auction off artwork. You will find a lot of art that is rare and hard to acquire in this raffle and auction.

This charity event shows how tight knit these communities are and how much each life is valued.

The raffle ends at 1:59pm Eastern Standard Time on January 31, 2013. The auctions are ending at various days and times.

Here is the website holding the extended details for the event:

Barefoot Bob Memorial

R.I.P Bob



One thought on “Barefoot Bob Memorial Raffle and Auction”

  1. Thanks, Chris! The generosity and love that the community has demonstrated with this cause has truly been inspiring! I know that Bob is proud. I know it.

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