Summer Tour 2013 Posters from Caleb Williamson

Caleb Williamson, who previously made a sweet Land of Lizards map, has made some solid limited edition Summer Tour 2013 posters. His Summer Tour 2013 print is a psychedelic illustration of some of the wilder faces you’ll run into on the road, in the lots, and in the crowd on tour. The characters also represent the variety of tones the band’s sound has taken over the past summer. Like their jams, some are sinister, some are beautiful, some are full of humor.

These prints measure 11″x17″ and are printed on high quality card stock paper. Posters are hand drawn and digitally textured. The posters are in a limited edition of 30, both the Alpharetta poster, and the Summer Tour poster. Each poster is signed and numbered by the artist. Each poster is $15 which includes shipping and a bonus print from the artist’s collection of Phish related art!

Summer Tour 2013 dates

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