Surrender to the Flow Magazine launches Kickstarter drive

Surrender to the Flow published their first issue in the Fall of 1998 for Phish tour and has continued to be a staple of tour ever since. From the tours of 1.0, Oysterhead in 2001 and a whopping SIX issues in 2009, totaling 14 issues total in 3.0 and 33 issues over the past 14 years, Surrender to the Flow is the best information you can get on lot, with great articles, stories and info that fans need while on the road.
STTF has grown to publishing 8,000+ copies per tour and is run masterfully by Christy Articola as editor, working with an all volunteer staff made up of members from the Phish community. Christy plans to keep publishing Surrender as long as the band keeps playing!

In an effort to digitize all past copies of Surrender to the Flow, Christy has found a fantastic digital magazine software called 3D Issue. Through a onetime purchase of the software, Surrender to the Flow will be able to feature pdf’s of all issues, including new issues as well. A hosting site is already secured so the next step is raising the money for the cost of 3D Issue.

A Kickstarter campaign has started so that Phish fans can support Surrender to the Flow’s digitizing effort and like with all Kickstarter drives, you can get some great benefits in return!

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