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Keep Trey Sober Stickers

While in Miami, I was lucky enough to meet and make friends with  Jeffery and Holly Bowling from San Francisco. While selling beer and water on the lot, I noticed the sticker in Holly’s hand, quite familiar to one that I saw in Albany. This sticker was a hard-to-find lot item, but one of our Top 10 lot items from Fall tour. Turns out we had mutual friends and a conversation about the stickers started. We hung out that night at their hotel and on the beach and discussed getting the stickers up on the blog.

Exclusively on the PhanArt Blog, we have the Keep Trey Sober stickers for sale from Jeffery and Holly.  Whats more, is that $1 of each sticker goes to Mockingbird! The generosity is amazing and we thank Jeff and Holly immensely for this unselfish act.

You can pick up the stickers by sending money to hrc333@yahoo.com via paypal.com


1 sticker = $3

2 stickers = $5

3 stickers = $6

4 stickers = $8

5 stickers = $10

email Jeffery and Holly if you want more than 5