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Glowstick Wars NYE ticket contest, pre-show GSW and sale deals

Glowstick Wars is having a New Years Eve ticket giveaway contest, additional details can be found at the event page . The ticket is a mail order with a seat in section 105 for 12/31/11. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY and only one Facebook entry per person and one Twitter entry per person. Contestants can increase their chances of winning by buying a tube of glowsticks – one “name in the hat” for every tube purchased – or by submitting a video entry to Glowstickwars.com – one “name in the hat” for the submission, plus one extra name in the hat for every 5 Likes the video gets. The video with the most likes by the end of the contest on November 30th gets an extra 5 entries.

A new idea to kick off the New Years Run is a Pre-Show Glowstick War  When the lights go down on 12/28/11, the glowsticks start flying! A first of its kind addition to the awesome run of shows ahead of us.

For fans looking to pick up some glowsticks to bring the MSG, Glowstickward.com has made a few discounts available to fans through their store

Going with a few friends for the show and want to have a little fun on this run? Get a 10% discount AND free shipping on 5+ tubes. Use promo code: 5PHISHNY

Wanna get CRAZY and split some tubes with a bunch of friends? $150 cases of Show Sticks included shipping. 25 tubes of 100 sticks each. That’s 2,500 glowies! Promo code: 25PHISHNY

Glowstickwars.com is also going to be “donating” 5 glowsticks to every person that joins the page. 2000 people, for example, = 100 tubes. They will donate up to 125 tubes, a shitload of glowies!! Their plan is to hand these out outside MSG on 12/28 as people go inside the show. With 5 sticks per person and a little flier reminding them about the pre-show GSW, the first night of the run is definitely going to be the one of the brightest indoor shows ever!

Vendor info for Syracuse Indoor Lot Scene

As first reported here – phanart.net/blog/?p=685 – The OnCenter (next to the War Memorial) will be holding an Indoor Lot Scene for Phish phans, with food, music by Dark Hollow and other local bands, all from 9am-7:30pm

If you want to vend, check out the simple form you need to fill out and send back in order to take part. It seems very basic, with no hidden agenda or loopholes. A signed form = reserved table, with a map of the OnCenter space coming tomorrow.

The OnCenter is looking forward to a great event. If you are unsure about the merchandise you are bringing or if you have any additional questions please contact: Michelle Kovar at 315.435.2121 or m_kovar@oncenter.org

Deadline for vendor registration is Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are looking forward to a great event. If you are unsure about the merchandise you are bringing or if you have any additional questions please contact: Michelle Kovar at 315.435.2121 or m_kovar@oncenter.org. Thank you!

The cost to vend is FREE, just follow the guidelines. Just take note of things you cannot sell: beer, glass, anything drug related (goo balls, brownies, etc…)

Let’s have a successful event, it can be a positive thing in years to come!

UPDATE 11/17 – They will have TVs with the football games- Bills and Giants.


Final pre-concert vendor rules-0Final pre-concert vendor rules-1

Indoor Lot at the OnCenter Before 11/22 Syracuse Show – Free for Vendors and Phans!

syracuse-orange-mascotOtto Owns Phish Lot, rumored to sit in with Phish

Some very intelligent folks who rune the OnCenter Complex in Syracuse have come up with a great idea: an indoor lot scene that is free for phans to take part in, selling their lot goods inside, away from the cold Syracuse winter (it comes early, trust me)

Inside the OnCenter from 9am-730pm will be vendors such as SoundGarden (Cuse’s own great record store), Henna tattoo Artists, Massage Therapist, Tarot Card readers, (beer) Belly Dancers (10 heady points if you know that song reference) and many book vendors.

Fans can vend too!  This is your pre-show too!  It is FREE for you to take part! So if you have something to sell, whether it be clothing, art, or something else. PhanArt will be there selling the book, shirts, stickers and posters, as well as displaying some of the latest fan-art from 8! To register, all you need is to contact Michelle at the OnCenter at 315-435-8000 to register and you are in! No Cost! No Fee! No Fee? Maybe a Fee during the Phish show, that would be heady. Been since 7/29/03 since I caught one.

But I digress…..

Phish fans can come to the OnCenter, check out the scene inside, and listen to some local bands, including The Lost Marbles, Soul Risin‘, and Dark Hollow (on stage from 2-6pm – this will be an AWESOME pre-show)

It’s gonna be cold, cold, cold, cold in the ‘cuse, so take advantage of this indoor, warm environment to sell your wares and make some money for tour!

Note: Glass vendors- sorry, no dice on this. I checked with them and they just aren’t cool like that. Sorry, but they just wouldn’t say yes.

Beyond the glass thing, this is a PhanArt Recommended, PhanArt Approved event! (PRPA)


News link from syracuse.com:

SYRACUSE, NY – Onondaga County’s Oncenter will host a free Pre-Phish Party prior to the Nov. 22 Phish concert at the War Memorial Arena.
The party will be inside the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, next door to the War Memorial, starting at 9 a.m. It will last until the start of the show starts at 7:30 p.m, Oncenter officials said in a press release.

The goal is to create a place for these fans to hang out and escape the weather prior to the show. “We want to show the community and the promoters that we care and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make fans truly have an experience when they come to an event at our facilities,” said Mike Spaulding, director of ticketing and event bookings for Oncenter.

Admission is free and entertainment includes live music from local bands, vendors and contests. One Pre-Phish Party attendee will win a pair of tickets to the see the sold-out concert.

Local bands will play starting at 11 a.m. Food, beer and other items will be available.

Oncenter officials urged those planning to attend the party to bring lawn chairs and blankets.