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What you need to know about Phish at SPAC, including a Map and Post-show info

This was originally posted for the June 2010 Phish shows at SPAC. With a few tweaks, some updates and punctuation improvements, here is what you need to know about going to SPAC for Phish during July 3-5, 2014.


First things first, follow UpstateLIVE on Twitter for helpful hints will abound throughout the weekend. We’ll be on location all weekend sharing: traffic info, park updates ( and keeping fans aware of the police presence. In 2013, Saratoga officials announced a crackdown on alcohol and intoxicated people in the state park known as SPA, which includes SPAC. In the past, there has always been a lot of chatter preceding the summer concert season at SPAC regarding the increased police presence and no-alcohol policy (with ticket enforcement and arrest potential). In 2013, beers that were visible in the bottle were confiscated and someone ended up with an incredible supply of heady brews. Don’t treat SPAC lots as a free for all – this is a New York State Park and State Troopers roam the grounds, not local police. 

You’ll need this – the map of Saratoga Spa State Park. It is VERY easy to get lost, as you can quite easily wind up walking around for an hour looking for the lot your car is in, or altogether become disoriented. Download PDF: SPAC Map

In the interest of making sure everyone knows what has been the norm in the past, whether you have been here before or not, keep in mind a few things:

State Troopers : Younger fans, keep the alcohol under lock and key, as alcohol sensors have been used in the past. If they see you drinking, they’ll dip in a stick detector for alcohol into the drink and then they can search you. Arcane? Yes. Illegal? Possibly. Outlandish and Insane? Indeed. Don’t stress, just play it smart! This comes from people who have been there and people who work there. Use your heads.

Hotels have also been given a contact number to call if they suspect drug use. So be careful when you are pre-gaming at the hotel or getting back and trying to enjoy the post-show scene or get some sleep.

Post show, there will be checkpoints for drunk driving and K-9 units for the obvious. Don’t leave the park without a sober driver and when you do, drive the speed limit, the cops need only a small reason to pull you over, either on Route 9, Route 50, I-87 or the small towns north and south of Saratoga.

While in town….


Post shows, there are a couple of options right in Saratoga for those who want to keep the party going and are equipped with a designated driver to keep it going till the sun comes up.
The Putnam Den has fast become the premier live music venue in Saratoga, after SPAC. There are three late night shows, one for each night of Phish and only TWO miles from SPAC! Plus, there are more shows each night at The Parting Glass, literally a 0.3 mile walk from Putnam Den. Both venues feature incredible music and a discount if you buy passes to both post-shows each night.

You can find all the info on the post-shows here, but in short, here are your choices for post-Phish music:
July 3rd – Lucid at Putnam Den
July 4th – Waylon Speed at The Parting Glass
July 4th – Twiddle at Putnam Den
July 5th – Formula 5 at The Parting Glass
July 5th – Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at Putnam Den

The address of The Putnam Den is 63A Putnam St., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. For more info on each of the shows, visit the Putnam Den website www.putnamden.com

See you all at SPAC!

PhanArt SPAC Contest!!!!!

Guess the exact number of arrests at SPAC this weekend and win a poster and shirt from PhanArt!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below with The number of arrests you think there will be over BOTH days of the shows at SPAC.

Include an answer to the tie-breaker question:

How many Felony arrests total?

Winner will be notified once the final numbers on arrests are tallied by the soon-to-be-swimming-in-money-from-fines Saratoga Police Department

Steve Rogers Albany Prints

Steve Rogers once again has come up with a great poster for this Fall Tour. These Albany posters are digitally printed on 80 lb card stock and measure 12x 18 inches.


Steve will be at The OnCenter before the Syracuse show on Sunday 11/22. Look for the Orange Syracuse flag and PhanArt banner – Steve is one of the two featured artists with PhanArt – the other being Drew Sutofrom Surrender to the Flow – so come down and pick up Steve’s prints from 8, Syracuse and Albany!

Side note: It is also Steve’s 50th show!

This poster is available in the store on Steve’s website

shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM for $15 + $5 to cover tax & shipping

If you prefer to use paypal, the address for Steve is srdesignink@gmail.com

Vendor info for Syracuse Indoor Lot Scene

As first reported here – phanart.net/blog/?p=685 – The OnCenter (next to the War Memorial) will be holding an Indoor Lot Scene for Phish phans, with food, music by Dark Hollow and other local bands, all from 9am-7:30pm

If you want to vend, check out the simple form you need to fill out and send back in order to take part. It seems very basic, with no hidden agenda or loopholes. A signed form = reserved table, with a map of the OnCenter space coming tomorrow.

The OnCenter is looking forward to a great event. If you are unsure about the merchandise you are bringing or if you have any additional questions please contact: Michelle Kovar at 315.435.2121 or m_kovar@oncenter.org

Deadline for vendor registration is Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are looking forward to a great event. If you are unsure about the merchandise you are bringing or if you have any additional questions please contact: Michelle Kovar at 315.435.2121 or m_kovar@oncenter.org. Thank you!

The cost to vend is FREE, just follow the guidelines. Just take note of things you cannot sell: beer, glass, anything drug related (goo balls, brownies, etc…)

Let’s have a successful event, it can be a positive thing in years to come!

UPDATE 11/17 – They will have TVs with the football games- Bills and Giants.


Final pre-concert vendor rules-0Final pre-concert vendor rules-1

AJ Masthay Albany print – ‘Terror Gnome’

With fall tour comes yet another Amazing AJ Masthay print!

The first of a few prints he is releasing for this tour is “The Arena”.  Although you could call it The Times Union Center, The Pepsi Arena, or everyone’s favorite, the original, The Knick(erbocker) Arena. For this poster, just for brevity’s sake, AJ sticks “The Arena”

With 8 colors total, this is a poster with a smaller edition of 75. The ink on these is extra thick, so it looks like that super shiny, raised off the paper, stink that runs up your nostrils thick. Good stuff.

Masthay is looking to convey a sense of autumn, hence the wooded path. This poster more than others in his collection tells a story, but what is happening in the story is up to your imagination.  What is the book in the gnome’s hands? The HPB? PhanArt? Dianetics? ? Is he walking towards you or away from you? Is he being chased? These questions are best pondered and answered by picking up the poster.  Order info below.

Albany Gnome, by AJ MasthayTerror Gnome’, by AJ Masthay

These prints will be onsale at 12 Noon EST, Tuesday, November 17, 2009. Prints are limited to 2 per person.  you can pick them up at www.masthaystudios.com

AJ has at least one more edition that he will be releasing before the tour starts. Keep an eye out for another announcement shortly. Feel free to contact AJ at aj@masthaystudios with any questions.

Drew Suto’s Albany Art

Drew Suto, Artistic Designer for Surrender to the Flow, father and husband and all around good friend has created a run of posters featuring his art from the cover of Surrender To The Flow #23.

A hometown show for Drew as well as PhanArt Pete and many other hundreds of phans, Drew’s art is inspired by his hometown, as well as that little burgh south of us we call ‘The City’

Drew has printed a run of 50 posters featuring his cover art for STTF #23.  They are $10 a piece and he is selling them on lot in Syracuse, Albany, and MSG, but you can buy them here after tour, as long as there are some left! Look for Drew at the show!

Drew.  Look for him for his posters on tour!
Drew. Look for him for his posters on tour!

If you want to pick one up in advance, email him at otuswerd@yahoo.com Shipping is an additional $5

sttf 23
STTF #23 cover art, by Drew Suto

This art is PhanArt Recommended, PhanArt Approved

Indoor Lot at the OnCenter Before 11/22 Syracuse Show – Free for Vendors and Phans!

syracuse-orange-mascotOtto Owns Phish Lot, rumored to sit in with Phish

Some very intelligent folks who rune the OnCenter Complex in Syracuse have come up with a great idea: an indoor lot scene that is free for phans to take part in, selling their lot goods inside, away from the cold Syracuse winter (it comes early, trust me)

Inside the OnCenter from 9am-730pm will be vendors such as SoundGarden (Cuse’s own great record store), Henna tattoo Artists, Massage Therapist, Tarot Card readers, (beer) Belly Dancers (10 heady points if you know that song reference) and many book vendors.

Fans can vend too!  This is your pre-show too!  It is FREE for you to take part! So if you have something to sell, whether it be clothing, art, or something else. PhanArt will be there selling the book, shirts, stickers and posters, as well as displaying some of the latest fan-art from 8! To register, all you need is to contact Michelle at the OnCenter at 315-435-8000 to register and you are in! No Cost! No Fee! No Fee? Maybe a Fee during the Phish show, that would be heady. Been since 7/29/03 since I caught one.

But I digress…..

Phish fans can come to the OnCenter, check out the scene inside, and listen to some local bands, including The Lost Marbles, Soul Risin‘, and Dark Hollow (on stage from 2-6pm – this will be an AWESOME pre-show)

It’s gonna be cold, cold, cold, cold in the ‘cuse, so take advantage of this indoor, warm environment to sell your wares and make some money for tour!

Note: Glass vendors- sorry, no dice on this. I checked with them and they just aren’t cool like that. Sorry, but they just wouldn’t say yes.

Beyond the glass thing, this is a PhanArt Recommended, PhanArt Approved event! (PRPA)


News link from syracuse.com:

SYRACUSE, NY – Onondaga County’s Oncenter will host a free Pre-Phish Party prior to the Nov. 22 Phish concert at the War Memorial Arena.
The party will be inside the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, next door to the War Memorial, starting at 9 a.m. It will last until the start of the show starts at 7:30 p.m, Oncenter officials said in a press release.

The goal is to create a place for these fans to hang out and escape the weather prior to the show. “We want to show the community and the promoters that we care and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make fans truly have an experience when they come to an event at our facilities,” said Mike Spaulding, director of ticketing and event bookings for Oncenter.

Admission is free and entertainment includes live music from local bands, vendors and contests. One Pre-Phish Party attendee will win a pair of tickets to the see the sold-out concert.

Local bands will play starting at 11 a.m. Food, beer and other items will be available.

Oncenter officials urged those planning to attend the party to bring lawn chairs and blankets.

Steve Rogers: PhanArtist

Steve Rogers has made some great posters for 8.  He printed these digitally on 80 lb card stock, the first run was of 30, but sold so fast he printed another 30. They came out great, with a solid Halloween look and 1/4 inch white oarder outline. The total run is going to be of 100, then thats all folks!

Festival8 Poster SRDesignINK

Steve will also be making posters for the upcoming Syracuse show, as it is a hometown show for him, and a college-hometown for PhanArt Pete. The Syracuse edition of posters will be limited to 94, in honor of the last time they played in Syracuse 11/4/94 – can you believe it will have been 15 years?  It is also Steve’s 50th show and the site of his 1st. Make sure to buy him a beer if you see him.

This poster is available on Steve’s website – steverogersdesigns.com

The Indio poster is $21.20 with tax and shipping – you can get it at his store: shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM

If you prefer to use paypal, the address for Steve is srdesignink@gmail.com

About the artists: Steve Rogers graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and became a freelance designer. He has always been a fan of music and the art that goes with it. When he first saw a Pollock print he was hooked, and soon after he was following artists like AJ Masthay, and he became inspired to setup a website and make art that other fans would want to collect. His studio,  SRDesignINK is the result of that inspiration.  Steve puts it best by saying: “The music is more than a show and the fans outside are more than an experience. When I go to these shows with my friends they are memories I will always have, and the posters are visual memories of great times”

Well put