What is and isn’t legit to sell on Phish lot

So many people sell things, and so many people want to sell things on the lot. But what is legal, what is legit, what is illegal, what is illegit, what is 2 legit 2 quit, and what is safe for all? We go over in great detail the things you can and cant sell on lot.


(Note – this does not serve as any sort of 100% iron-clad, use-as-defense-in-court sort of advice – this is based upon the opinion on many dozens upon dozens of artists, fans and average brahs that have sold something on the lot. we still recommend you proceed with caution – each venue and town is unique and we cannot take that into account)


What you can sell almost always:

Water, light food, things that are easily disposable or pose no threat to local businesses – for example, if there was a grilled cheese store, you wouldnt want to sell grilled cheese outside of it. Ditto with selling beer and water outside a convienence mart – its risky, but typically you dont get hassled.


also, things like lighters, cigs, clothing that isnt Phish related (see below) and generic stuff that isnt at ALL Phish related


What you can sell sometimes:

Phish related Lot shirts, Show Posters, Stickers (almost always ok), larger arrangements of food (Russo’s French Bread Pizza and larger Shakedown vendors), typically beer, but it is recommended that you be 21+ and for the love of god, 1 for 3, 2 for 5!

front gray

What you should never sell on the lot:



A Dodge Dart






Jerry’s ashes


Nitrous – seriously, it’s a bit out of hand


What you can not sell on lots:

Phish posters or shirts that have any of these on them and a word on each:

The band’s name, as it is trademarked and as such, the name cant exactly be put on posters or shirts without the band having their name infringed upon. As such, using the band’s name is risky. We do not advise it, as most of the busts seen this summer by venue security and/or Phish staff was related to this. Or the least creative idea….


The logo.  Why use the logo? This is the design (supposedly) created by Trey and is iconic. Do you really have to manipulate the logo to be creative? This is an automatic non-starter. I highly suggest NOT using the logo, or even the outline.  Why? Because it’s unoriginal and ripping the band off directly. These are the items most often confiscated in our experience, and no, we have not used the logo. We didnt even accept the logo for PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, but boy oh boy, there were a lot of bad ripoffs submitted.  Use of the logo is the least creative idea, and is definitely grounds for confiscation of your lame-idea-turned-moneymaker. Don’t bother. Seriously.


Photographs of the band, whether close up or from far away. Phish does not allow any commercial use of band or band member names, images or likenesses without permission. That includes sale and/or commercial use of photographs.

Lastly, the band’s likenesses. This is a gray/grey area that I discuss, but I understand that it’s the band member’s image that is in question.  If it is tasteful, sure. If it is vague (see below), awesome! If it is a picture of the band from a promo photo, then again, that is unoriginal.

If you can avoid those three things, you shouldnt have a problem.

Also, we here at PhanArt do not condone the sale of bad drugs, fake drugs, or drugs that make your face melt when the music isn’t even playing. Please, use substances responsibly, and in a manner that doesn’t ruin anyone else’s  good time, or your good time for that matter.


Scramble Campbell Auction for Mockingbird

We have a new auction for Mockingbird Foundation – Click Here to bid!


This auction is for a 8.5 * 11 inch ARTISTS PROOF created by Keith ‘Scramble’ Campbell on 12/31/95 during Phish’s show At Madison Square Garden in New York City.

This is an Artist’s Proof, with the notation A/P in the lower left corner, and the number 96 written above the number 95, to denote the timing of this print being drawn by Campbell.

Scramble’s unique designs are one of a kind, and a must have for any Phish fan.

Campbell is one of the featured artists in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Take the time to bid for a good cause!

visit www.scramblecampbell.com and www.mbird.org

Andrew Abis: PhanArtist

PhanArtist Andrew Abis has made some impressive prints in his day, but his 8 prints become some of his best work immediately.

Abis 8
Abis 8

‘Abis 8’, Andrew’s PHISH Shining Festival 8 Print is a run of 188 Signed & Numbered posters printed on 10″ x 23″ Strathmore Grey paper with Jacquard Screen Printing Ink

Andrew has these for sale on his website www.onephanstrash.com or you can contact him at: prints@onephanstrash.com


8 PhanArt Gallery

Presenting the first of many Galleries by PhanArt! Here we have a comprehensive collection of all the posters, shirts, and stickers from 8.  Sure, we are missing a few, but you can help by submitting your lot shirt to phanart@gmail.com

If you want to know where to buy these items in the gallery, look no further than www.phanart.net/blog – a good amount of the images below are for sale here, with a portion of all sales going to the Mockingbird Foundation for music education. Visit them at mbird.org

Welcome to the PhanArt Blog!!

Greetings to all!! Welcome to what we hope will surely be a unique site for fans of Phish to utilize for their benefit, and the benefit of charity.

The PhanArt Blog is designed to provide Phish Fans with a one-stop location for fan creations, including shirts, posters, stickers, and any sort of lot art that fans have pre-tour and post-tour. PhanArt Blog will have art from all walks of life, from the one-and-done fan who puts his cool idea onto a shirt, to professional artists within the Phish community who have been incorporating their love for Phish into their talents for many years, creating some of the most sought after Lot Art.

Furthermore, the PhanArt blog is FREE! Anyone who made a shirt or poster or anything to sell on lot (Phish related, of course) can be a part of the site in 3 easy steps.
Step 1. Agree to be a part of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, adding to an already extensive catalog of fan created art, the most unique in the world!
Step 2. Send us a paypal button code or email address for sales, along with a picture and description of what it is you made (phanart AT gmail.com)
Step 3. (suggested) Give 10% of your total sales to The Mockingbird Foundation (MBird.org) and support continued musical education in communities nationwide! Report the total back to us to include in the total contributions from PhanArt and friends

**PhanArt Blog does not charge you to be part of this site. Think of us as a middle man, helping you get your creation out there to fans nationwide!!**

What can you expect from PhanArt Blog?
Well, aside from a central location for all Phish fan creations, with new items posted on a daily basis. You can expect to see lot shirts and posters BEFORE the tour, as well as those hard to find items after the tour, especially if you didnt have the cash or trade for it on lot.

Tuesdays we will feature Phish fan businesses, from T-shirt companies to Organic foods.

Thursdays we will feature an artist from PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, with websites, bios and links to contact these fantastic and hardworking creative artists.

The First of each month will be dedicated to non-profits throughout the jamband community, and how you can help out and donate to them and support their causes. If you know of a charity we should post, please contact us!

You can stay in touch with us on Facebook
http://tiny.cc/p54XM and on Twitter

Stay in touch with us for updates on Phish, notifications of Great Phish Art and cool creations inspired by the band we love to travel to see.

Updates will come throughout the week, add the RSS feed and check back often as we are fine-tuning the site and we are already getting fan creations submitted for the blog. Lots of great creations out there, finally all in one central location!

Syracuse Phish tickets raffle

Wiseguys Comedy Club and Walk up Radio will be auctioning off 2 sets of 2 Phish tickets to the 11/22 show at the War Memorial in Syracuse. Fans 21 and older need to simply go to the comedy club on Wednesday 11/11 and/or 11/18 and Register to win. They will announce the winner on the 18th.

On the 18th, Walk Up Radio starts at 8pm.  During Walk Up Radio, featuring guest hosts Gerry Macnamera (#3, basketball legend and epic legend) and former Tight End Chris Gedney, one pair of tickets will be given away.

Trivia starts at 9pm, so stick around for that, as the second pair of tickets will be awarded shortly thereafter.

The tickets are for seats in Section 2, row R, seats 6-9

Visit Wise guys Comedy club online at wiseguyssyracuse.com and Walk Up Radio at walkupradio.com and follow them at twitter.com/walkupradio

Wise Guys is located at 201 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY

Hotels in Albany, take 2

A few weeks ago, we came up with some good hotels to check out that are near downtown, but not all the way on Wolf Road.  here is an additional hotel that is very close to The Knick (aka The Times Union Center, but please don’t call it that) and affordable for a few fans to share a room.

also, the hotel is managed by a Phish phan, so file this one under ‘lookin out for the fellow phan’

The Comfort Inn, Glenmont NY

$109-119 each night

A 6 minute drive to The Knick – at this late in the game, you really cant beat that folks!

Safe travels to the hometown of PhanArt!


Steve Rogers: PhanArtist

Steve Rogers has made some great posters for 8.  He printed these digitally on 80 lb card stock, the first run was of 30, but sold so fast he printed another 30. They came out great, with a solid Halloween look and 1/4 inch white oarder outline. The total run is going to be of 100, then thats all folks!

Festival8 Poster SRDesignINK

Steve will also be making posters for the upcoming Syracuse show, as it is a hometown show for him, and a college-hometown for PhanArt Pete. The Syracuse edition of posters will be limited to 94, in honor of the last time they played in Syracuse 11/4/94 – can you believe it will have been 15 years?  It is also Steve’s 50th show and the site of his 1st. Make sure to buy him a beer if you see him.

This poster is available on Steve’s website – steverogersdesigns.com

The Indio poster is $21.20 with tax and shipping – you can get it at his store: shop.STEVEROGERSDESIGNS.COM

If you prefer to use paypal, the address for Steve is srdesignink@gmail.com

About the artists: Steve Rogers graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and became a freelance designer. He has always been a fan of music and the art that goes with it. When he first saw a Pollock print he was hooked, and soon after he was following artists like AJ Masthay, and he became inspired to setup a website and make art that other fans would want to collect. His studio,  SRDesignINK is the result of that inspiration.  Steve puts it best by saying: “The music is more than a show and the fans outside are more than an experience. When I go to these shows with my friends they are memories I will always have, and the posters are visual memories of great times”

Well put

Your post-show options when coming to Albany for the Phish shows

So you are coming to PhanArt’s hometown and want to know where to party down after the show?  Well, courtesy of jambase.com, we have a few shows that might be of interest to you, with some thoughts on each.

Friday 11/27

The Heavy Pets at Jillian’s

Upsides – Jillian’s is 3 blocks north on S. Pearl, the same street The Knick is on. The Heavy Pets are awesome, which is a very big upside

Downside – typically SUNY kids and douchebags go to Jillian’s – this has continued to be the case for a decade+.  On the upside to this is that its Thanksgiving, so most of the aforementioned Dbags are home for the holidays, and the stage is on the main floor, making it easier to enjoy yourself and avoid the downside.

This event is co-sponsored by Phan Food, the upcoming Phish Cookbook! Come on down, submit a recipe of your choice, and enjoy some great music and post-show revelry! check out PhanFood.com


Think of Dave and Buster’s, but with college Dbags

Zach Deputy at Red Square

If you dont know Zach Deputy, you should make an effort to see him one of the two nights he has booked at Red Square.  It is a great venue, all of 2 blocks away from The Knick (heading towards the Hudson) and full of tasty beers and always a good amount of hot mamas.  Zach D is a little bit Keller Williams, some Jack Johnson and Ryan Montbleau, and a WHOLE Lotta Funk.
Zach Deputy at Skipper's Smokehouse - July 6, 2008


Room outside to chill, smoke, chat

Timbre Coup at Dublin Underground (formerly Savannah’s)

this show will be solid, good untzing to check out, and Savannah’s is all of a block up from The Knick (we do not refer to it by those other names) ON Pearl Street.  You can get there in less than a minute, barring any people being in your way.  Definitely close though.


Saturday 11/28

Robo-France 29, Valentines (upstairs)


Albany’s own Justin Schultz and Josh Breden are the force behind this fast-growing Jam-rock band, with a hint of Alternative/Country/Punk.  Formed in 2007, their hits include Carl Winslow, Man Without a Plan, Good Luck Train, and The Fall, as well as covers of Grateful Dead, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Rush and Hank Williams I (yes, the 1st)

Robo France 29
Robo France 29

This is HIGHLY recommended to go to for two big reasons: 1) the show is at Valentines, a classic Albany venue, and the band that moe. started out at when they moved to Albany, not to mention Ominous Seapods and Conehead Buddha and numerous other bands from the mid-90s. 2) Robo-France 29 is the next band to come from this great Albany legacy of producing some amazing bands.

Robo France 29
Robo France 29

Check them out here:



Raisinhead – Jillian’s of Albany

Great local band, may be the best place in terms of space to see a show.


Zach Deputy – Red Square

If you dont see him Friday, see him Saturday!