Eric Hanson: Teacher, PhanArtist

Eric Hanson created some amazing posters for Big Cypress, 12/31/02 and Vegas ’03, as well as others.  Below are some of the prints he has made that are still available.

The Big Cypress Poster

Big Cypress, 1999
Big Cypress, 1999

This 11×14″ poster is screen printed on 80lb Hemp stock. The design shows the earth and concert location in florida. A bi-plane is pulling a banner around a Cypress Tree which is juxtaposed with the hour glass of time passing sand from one millennium into the next. In the upper capsule a silhouette of some band members are rocking their way into a fishbowl below. Two thousand posters were made for this Y2K event and probably half of them were sold at the show. These posters are printed in four different colors: forest green, jet black, royal blue, and majestic purple. They look great when hung together on a wall with a glass and clip frame.

This poster is available in the PhanArt Store.

The Reunion Rendezvous

Reunion, 2002
Reunion, 2002

This poster was produced in extremely limited numbers using a unique inkjet process. Only 37 prints were produced, each one signed and numbered and included an artists certificate of authenticity. This 8×10″ poster commemorates the New Years Eve Show in 2003. At the bottom of the poster a page of a book, a fast food trey, a john, and mike are featured in front of the New York city skyline. In the background a cars tires are making contact with a long road leading to a circus with gates that appear to read “MSG.” Some giant chess pieces in the field dot the journey of fans. A pocket watch dangling from the car reads: About time for another trip which can be read starting from any word in the phrase. The border of the poster is decorated with a maze. These posters are no longer available for sale.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas, 2003
Viva Las Vegas, 2003

This 11×16″ poster is from a series of 250 prints, each one signed and numbered. It was made to commemorate the Las Vegas show on February 15 and 16, 2003. This richly color copied print features Las Vegas scenery: five elvis characters on a roller coaster, suzy slot machines, a roulette wheel, a classic .99 cent foot long hot dog sign behind a flying hot dog, a pair of rolling dice, billy and his cat walking out toward Red Rocks, some lizards and more. There are several of these posters available as they were released when the lot poster crackdown began. It was deemed too “phish like” by the undercover authorities roaming the lots, confiscating artwork.

JM Sahr’s 101 Phish Songs: Detailed and Intricate, like Phish Jams

JM Sahr’s intricate work on his uber-famous ‘101 Songs’, aka ‘Gone Phishin’ is one of the handful of detailed multi-song posters phans made over the years, and as featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Sahr grew up in New Hampshire, as well as Colorado, Florida and upstate NY. His first show was 7-22-92 in Nassau, NH, which opened his eyes to many things other than the jamminest band on the face of the earth. Sahr attended RIT and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. An artist by trade, he now works in the digital world, although his art ambitions are alive and well, while digital design pays the bills.

JM met the band on 4-29-94 at the Boatyard Village Pavilion in Clearwater, Florida. They were nonchalant as they exited the venue like normal patrons, and acted as if they were hanging out with a group of friends. Trey told stories of band hijinx near the bus, Mike was wandering on a golf cart, while Page and Fish were entertaining a small crowd for 15-20 minutes near the entrance of the very unique venue.

Although much more could be written of the bands impact that has both inspired and molded a great portion of his life, he likes to think that he explains this through this work with the poster. Enjoy.


cost – $15,  S+H – $5 w


Poster Detail:


Details on the poster:

The poster measures 23″ X 12″.

The Medium
It is Black and White for many reasons. When I first created the poster the only means I had of duplicating it was through a blueprint copier called a “Black-Line”. They hadn’t developed standard copy machines to accommodate this size yet. If it was full-color, the duplications would have cost me around $12 each to reproduce. Not good for sale on a lot with peeps only wanting to spend between $5-$15 for goods. Back then I was selling them for $5 each or 3 posters for $10. I actually have colored the poster on 3 separate occasions. The first one I did was with colored pencils and came out fantastic. I still have it stashed in my portfolio case. The second one I did was with colored pencils and hi-liters so it would glow under black light. This was and still is my favorite. The third one I did using colors that would have been used during the Rennassaince… know, Leonardo DiVinci, Michaelangelo, etc. It came out very “earthy” and warm.

More detail!


The Story of Designing it and Pulling It All Together (abridged):
With a stack of papers (about 40 sheets) with names, pictures, scribblings, beer stains, notes and even tears, I began thinking about a setting to incorporate the 103 images I just spent a month developing. Hmmmm. Some sort of theater. Some sort of party scene. Something that will ooze Phish Concert. It needed to have a parking lot, a colonnade of shops, mountains, a river, bridges, and a theater. And of course, about 150 little men and women doing what little men and women do. I decided to take the “alienessque” approach to illustrating the peeps. Afterall, the expressions on their faces were only important if the songs called for it. As in life, actions speak much louder than words. I would draw a bluff. A bluff that housed a sunken theater. Complete with all the amenities mentioned above. For the next 2 months I slept little, held my waiter/bartender position during the day and drew until my hand felt like marshmallow fluff. Mmm, Fluffernutters. Here’s a funny footnote. I did not have a drawing table at the time so I was forced to find a place in the apartment that was infrequently used, but had a good source of light. The stove top. I fastened the paper to a drawing board and used the stove top as my drawing table. The light in the little alcove thing above the stove was perfect and we certainly weren’t doing any kind of cooking as we all worked at a local Restaurant….ok, we weren’t cooking because we didn’t know how. There I said it. 2 months later it was finished. I was stunned, my roommates were stunned, and I firmly believed this was a winner.

Even more detail!





Erin Cadigan’s Halloween poster

Completed with a unique and very intricate ‘Blacklight’ Process, Erin has created a very unique and extremely creative poster for the upcoming Halloween shows in Indio

Size: 24″x18″ OR 12″x18″ — The first 18 of the posters will not be cut. They will be sold as one poster 24″x18″ with both images side by side. They will be numbers 1-18. The remaining 32 of each image will be separated and sold individually. Essentially each image is ONLY a run of 50. There are only 100 Erin Cadigan Halloween posters period. AND again only 18 of the attached double image.

Paper: heavy weight matte

Edition size: 2 images/ 50 limited —see above. when responding please specify double, single unicorn or single zombie

#1-18: Double Image : $55.00
#19-32 : Single Image: $30.00 or $60 for set

How to Order: go to   Include a note you found out about the poster from PhanArt!

They are all signed and numbered.

Erin Cadigan-email indio


Image: On both you have the 4 previous halloween albums caught in the web of a microphone spider. and of course a UFO in the sky.

Left: Wording Top Indio; Wording in bottom spider web: Halloween 8; Zombie unicorn running on plains of indio. Kinda a riff on old scholl blacklight posters. In background you have John Lennon, Lou Reed, Roger Daltry and David Byrne zombies walking towards a empty stage.

Right: Wording top California; Spider web Oct 30, Oct 31, Nov 1; Hippie Zombie with an 8 tshirt. In his hand is the festival 8 ticket. He is lit by the lights of the stage. Unicorn in the background so the two are like flip perspectives of the same scene.

Greg Brenner: Abstract Phish Artist

Gregory Brenner is an artist and phan, having seen the boys since Red Rocks 96.   Since their return, he has been working on a bunch of new pieces.  He is also a contributor to Surrender to the Flow fanzine, which include his drawings and designs.

Greg has created a Gamehendge series of prints  that are $20 for each 11″X14″ print. Greg has already donated a $40 from the sale of these posters, and will continue to donate $10 from each Gamehendge print to the Mockingbird Foundation.  He also sells the entire Gamehendge series in a set of postcards (4″X6″),  $8 for the whole set, of which $5 is donated to MBird

Gamehendge series

-Rutherford The Brave
-Divided Sky
-Colonel Forbin’s Ascent
-The Sloth
-Fly Famous Mockingbird

(“AC/DC Bag” & “Icculus” have already been sold)

To purchase these or other work by Greg, check out these sites:

For Original Pieces :
For Prints : For the Gamehendge Series:

Rutherford The Brave
Rutherford The Brave
Divided Sky
Divided Sky

Greg also has original drawings that he makes prints of  and sells them for $150-$250 each.

The Lucky Thirteen
The Lucky Thirteen
Lucky Stars
Lucky Stars
Amazing Brooks
Amazing Brooks

Isadora Bullock: PhanArtist

Poster artist Isadora Bullock  is the latest in our profiles of Artists that are featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish.  Having completing a Master’s degree in printmaking at the University of Delaware in 2007, Isadora moved to Asheville, NC to pursue a variety of projects and new medias.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

In true Phish fan fashion, when Phish announced their return, she dropped everything and started making prints again. She is currently working on her 17th phish print since Hampton. Her collection is incredible and

To order these prints, paypal Please let Isadora know what print you want for the money you are sending her (makes sense)

Festival 8 Indio, CA linocut on rives bfk 15 x 21 in. limited ed. of 125 $25

Festival 8
Festival 8
8 poster being made
Festival 8 poster in production

“iposter” Hartford, CT 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 60 $35


“The Sacred Creed” Red Rocks Morrison, CO 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK
limited edition of 125 $20

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

“Whoa Possum” Knoxville, TN 21 x 15 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 100 $20


“Rye Rye Rocco” Mansfield, MA 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 100 $20

Great Woods
Great Woods

“Like things on my mind” Wantagh, NY 21 x 15 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 120 $20

Jones Beach
Jones Beach

Ryan Kerrigan Auction to Benefit PhanArt for Mockingbird Foundation!

Presenting EIGHT by Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan has come up with an impressive and unique artistic creation for the upcoming Festival in Indio – A series of eight billiard balls, hand painted in silver and gold metallic ink

Ryan is a featured artist in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, and has been making posters on the Phish scene, as well as in the greater San Francisco area for over 10 years now.

7/8 Ball
7/8 Ball

The balls commemorate this year’s halloween festival in Indio, California. Each ball is signed by the artist, and is numbered 1/8 through 8/8.  The 8 ball comes with a stand (the ball pictured below is ball #1/8)

7/8 ball detail
7/8 ball detail

The first 6 balls have already sold, and balls 7/8 and 8/8 will be auctioned in ebay.

8 ball on stand
8 ball on stand

8.8% of the proceeds from the auctions will go towards the upkeep of
An additional 8.8% will go towards PhanArt, which will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation (

The current auction is for ball # 7/8 – bid now!

Auction for #8/8 is going on now!

Check out the detail on these balls!

more images of 8 balls

2nd image

3rd iamge

4th image

5th image


Golgi oh whoa its a shirt!

You may have seen this shirt around for a few years, as it was sold as a fundraiser for the production of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. Now as a standalone product and one of the most popular lot shirts in recent years, fans can pick up the new printing of the shirt.


Created by PhanArt Pete, Designed by Mark Sakasai, and Printed by John Street Graphics, the bright logo on white tagless Hanes tees has a very intricate design, highlighting every aspect of the Google homepage with a Golgi-inspired twist.

Pick one up today at the store! All sizes Small, Medium, Large,and XLarge are available.  go to

PhanArtist Profile: Keith ‘Scramble’ Campbell

You have probably seen Scramble at a show live painting. It could have been a Phish show, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Bonnaroo, a String Cheese show, or pretty much anything that in the gamut of live music performances.  Keith ‘Scramble’ Campbell has been making live art for more than 20 years now, and has become one of the most well known artists in the jamband community, as well as the festival circuit and live music scene.

painting String Cheese in 2001
painting String Cheese in 2001

My first interaction with Scramble was at Trey Anastasio Band at Red Rocks, 7/17/01.  With beer in hand and in stomach, I wandered over to the left side of the stage and saw on an easily accessible ledge, this long-haired guy painting quickly, and seemingly to and with the music. The speed at which Scramble painted, and the finished product that was slowly coming to view was remarkable and my first foray into the world of live art, and subsequently, fan art.

For over a decade Scramble has captured live energy and created visual documentation of over 500 musicians.  His word varies in content from the things he started painting when he first began to what his goals are in the future. Each painting is an improvisational attempt to capture the same energy and spirit being shared by the musicians and crowd. He dances and spreads the paints onto the canvas with his bare hands and brushes.

Watch video 7/31/09 Friday Night, Red Rocks

Friday Night
Friday Night

Scramble gives many respectful thanks to all the musicians that have allowed him to be a part of their live performances and create these artworks.

Watch video from 8/1/09 Saturday Night, Red Rocks

Saturday Night
Saturday Night

Watch video from 8/2/09 Sunday Night Red Rocks

Sunday Night Set 1
Sunday Night Set 1

Scramble doesnt just paint at Phish shows and concerts, he also creates live art at events hosted in Main Gallery and Theaters performances at Red Rocks, including plays and musicals. Scramble is currently working at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and is also the seasonal Historian & Tour Guide at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. Red Rocks is a geologically formed, open-air Amphitheatre that is not duplicated anywhere in the world. With Mother Nature as the architect, the design of the Amphitheatre consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) that provide acoustic perfection for any performance.


Scramble also has designed 100 signed and numbered hand painted bottles of 05 Cabernet Sauvignon for BookCliff Vineyards and Tasting Room (1501 Lee Hill Road Boulder, CO).

handpainted bookcliff wine bottle 'Rock Spirits'
handpainted bookcliff wine bottle ‘Rock Spirits’

From their website – – “The Cab features a bright fruity nose, limestone earthiness and flavors reminiscent of blackberries and dark cherries with a hint of vanilla and a soft lemon peppery finish. “

bottles on the rocks
bottles on the rocks

The Scrambled BookCliff 05′ Cabernet Sauvignon signed numbered limited edition will be available exclusively thru BookCliff Vineyards. For more information, prices, shipping, etc, call or email BookCliff Vineyards Sommelier Mark Stephan at

check out Scramble’s gallery at and his shop

LOST/Phish shirts by Neil Fontenot

LOST and Phish have a great deal in common. While the TV show has gone above and beyond the norms of television by incorporating what are otherwise outlandish scenarios, a hard-core faithful are still anticipating the next 19 episodes that will finish the show. Likewise, what the average music fan doesnt understand, a Phish fan will. Phish does its own thing, and when it seems like they will fail, they succeed over and over again, drawing a close-knit audience together into a community that is practically left to itself amongst the greater community around us.

The tie-ins between LOST and Phish do not end there. Neil Fontenot created 3 incredibly unique designs that incorporate the best of both worlds – Phish and LOST.

Bathtub Jin (womans)
Bathtub Jin (womans)

Printed on high quality pre-shrunk cotton Gildan tees (mens) and pre-shrunk Bella tees 52%/48% polyester (womens). New for Fall, Neil has long sleeve tees and hoodies in the Faraday design. The hoodies are limited in quanity Hanes cotton and have the Faraday design on the back with a Dharma/Phish patch sewn on the front. For ordering info/paypal instructions please paypal

Faraday (womens)
Faraday (womens)

Check out Neil’s Shirts – they make great gifts!!!!

Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)
Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)

Phish Announces Fall Tour, Confirming what we (mostly) knew


Dates via

We finally have confirmation of Fall Tour, with alot of expected dates, and two that are head scratchers, but either way, its another couple states and a few cities to bring our traveling economic stimulus package to.

The Dates:


11.18.09 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI

Ok, random, but Detroit needs Phish more than anyone these days. Please, wear patchwork kevlar to the show folks.

11.20.09 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
11.21.09 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH

Cincy is producing some decent shows, as those in Feb ’03 will attest. Let’s work the magic some more.

11.22.09 War Memorial at Oncenter, Syracuse, NY

When we got confirmation on this show this past weekend up in Syracuse, the first though was ‘that seems a bit odd’, especially since the War Memorial only seats 8,000. The first show since fall of 1994 at the War Memorial will be a doozy. Prepare yourselves Syracuse Orange, prepare.

Prediction: Otto sit in on ‘Big Orange Furry Creature from Mars’

11.24.09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
11.25.09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

Two nights before Halloween in Philly? Sure. At any rate, it will be a great holiday season for the nitrous mafia

11.27.09 Times Union Center, Albany, NY
11.28.09 Times Union Center, Albany, NY

HOMETOWN SHOWS!!!! Granted, living here, we knew this was happening for a few months now, but confirmation is still a tasty beverage.
There will be great post shows at Red Square (Zach Deputy) and Jillians (Raisinhead), as well as bars that stay open till FOUR AM.

Get yourself a decent hotel by reading here

11.29.09 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

Ok Maine, thats cool. Good ’99 show there. I’ll take a day to rest on that one.

12.02.09 Madison Square Garden, NYC
12.03.09 Madison Square Garden, NYC
12.04.09 Madison Square Garden, NYC

Another amazing 3 night run at MSG! Cant say much more about this one

12.05.09 John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA
A bit surprising to see this one, but it had the earliest confirmation. The UVA kids never had a headier crowd at JPJ

A limited number of tickets are available directly through Phish Tickets’ online ticketing system at . The ticket request period is currently underway and will end Friday, October 16th at 5:00pm EST.

Tickets go on sale to the public beginning Friday, October 23rd, with additional dates going on sale Saturday, October 24th. For full show and ticketing information, please visit the Tourdates page at To watch the official announcement video, visit .

Get those orders in folks!