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Erin Cadigan’s NYE poster ‘Mars Attacks’

Created in an art deco style, the viewer travels from the woods of Worcester to the big city of NYC chased by the rising planet Mars. Things are getting crazy in NYC, the BBFCFM has kidnapped the Phish and climbed the Empire State Building chased all the while by an envoy of UFOs shooting lazer beams. Printed by The Half and Half of South Carolina, it is a 4 color silkscreened print in Metallic gold, Florescent pink, lime green and Black. Printed on Cougar white 100lb paper in a run of 100 signed and numbered. The print is 16″x21″ in size. In size , style and work put, Erin thinks this may be my best one yet! though She’s also super partial to UFOs and NYC! This poster costs $30 and the first 30 to order get a BBFCFM surprise as well! Shipping will be immediately following the New Years Run unless you arrange a pick up at the shows.

Send $34 for poster and shipping direct through paypal to erin@souloak.com, or just email erin@souloak.com and she will send an invoice for the poster.

Lizzy Layne’s Fuck Your Face

The origin of the poster, from Lizzy Layne: This poster started with me wanting to do a poster for MSG and when thinking of concepts. I have been really inspired by typography-heavy design lately. The term “Fuck your Face“, along with the song that has been brought out of the vault lately seemed like a perfect fit for this style poster. In the end, I decided it is a broad enough concept that it doesn’t necessarily need to be a poster that is specific to New Year’s, but can just be a solid piece of PhanArt.

The poster is a 15 x 22″ 3 color silkscreen and costs $30 plus $10 for packaging and shipping fees.

NYE Coffee Table by Zenster

Zenster has created his first poster since Coventry, and first New Years print since Big Cypress for the upcoming NYE show at MSG in NYC. 600 signed and numbered posters measuring 7 5/8″ x 17″ are available for purchase below, with one poster for $15 and 2 for $20 and 3 for $30.
On the 1/1/11 MSG coffee table are 3 champagne bottles represent the 3 night run at MSG. There are also bottles of Kill Devil Beer, Fall Down Drunk Ale, Bathtub Gin, a pack of Camel Walk cigarettes and a Bittersweet Motel key. Classic detail for an extraordinary set of shows that are almost upon us!


Eric Weber’s New Years Print “Phreedom”

From the newest addition to the PhanArt Family, Eric Weber:

My name is Eric Weber and I hail from Buffalo Grove, a northwest suburb of Chicago. I’m 22 years old and have been a fan of Phish for a couple of years now, and was finally able to tour and see the boys perform for the first time in summer of 09. Phish is my favorite band, and I love the fun and creative community that surrounds them. I’m graduating from Southern Illinois University this December, majoring in graphic design.

This poster was designed as part of my senior thesis where I designed a poster, t-shirt, and ticket stub for moe., Yonder (Mountain String Band), and Phish’s New Year’s Eve runs. Given that their shows are in New York this year, I figured I would give lady liberty a little makeover. This poster is sold out!

Ryan Kerrigan New Years City and Worcester posters

Ryan Kerrigan’s NEW YEARS CITY is a silkscreeened edition of 35 prints measuring 8.5″ x 20″. They cost $20 each + shipping and the final 8 prints will be available exclusively on PhanArt Blog as the entire edition has otherwise sold out. You can order them by clicking the paypal link below. Order the Worcester Poster too and save!

Update 11/15 – 10 of these posters remain via Uncle Ebenezer. Each poster costs $20. Email or paypal: UncleEbeneezer (at) hotmail.com

Surrender to the Flow #28 Cover Art

Here’s the cover of the latest issue of Surrender to the Flow, issue #28. Since 1998, editor-in-chief Christy Articola and Senior Artist and Cover Designer Drew Suto have been collaborating on the only Phish fan-zine, handed out for free on lots. Look for this issue in Worcester and New York City with great articles, reviews and important information about the towns and venues we are visiting this holiday run!

MSG will be GLOWSTICK FRIENDLY! (thin glowsticks only)

Glow Stick Wars

It’s official. The heads of security at MSG and the DCU Center in Woosta have confirmed that thin glow sticks will be permitted at every single show of the New Year’s run. Thick glow ‘rods’ may be confiscated but Show Sticks are good to go!

ACT NOW: Buy 5+ tubes of Show Sticks and we’ll cover the cost of shipping.

Promo Code: 5NYE2011 buy now!

Time is Running Out…

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Order now and your sticks will ship out via UPS with tracking provided. Only 3-5 business days required to reach MA or NY – order now and save!

Get Your Show Sticks

Veteran’s Tip: Order with your friends to take advantage of price breaks for larger quantities!

Chris Kuroda
“I think that the glow-rings, the kind that fit together in the little plastic insert, they’re great. They look great flying around up there… Get thousands and millions of those little ringed ones. They’re thin. They couldn’t hurt a fly. Throw them around. They’ll look amazing. They really will. But I think everyone’s against the thick, plastic ones.”

Chris Kuroda Interview w/JamBands.com

Make it rain!

The GSW Team

Only Show Sticks are concert-friendly, and remember, 10% of every purchase is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
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AJ Masthay NYE MSG presale information

A holiday pre-sale message from AJ Masthay

Hard to believe it’s already December 1st and the short holiday run is literally right around the corner. I’ve been incredibly busy in the studio working on a very exciting set of prints for the Umphrey’s McGee New Years run at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. UM currently has a presale going on for the sets and released the image to the right, but Ill also have a small allotment of prints available after New Years. I’ll be wrapping up these sets early next week and will be turning my attention to MSG.

Surprise, surprise – it’s a triptych, but I think it’s a pretty kick-ass one if I do say so myself. Whenever I think of New Years I think back to my first two shows, 12/29/93 and 12/31/93the fish tank stage (yes, I skipped 12/30 = EPIC FAIL). These images are highly influenced by the memories of day-glow fish and giant clams, I also wondered what it would look like if MSG had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, black smokers spewing clouds of silt and tube worms taking over the 300 and 400 sections.

Anyway, check it out yourself on my store page where I have links to detailed photos of the sketches. These will be 7 color linoleum block prints in an edition of 111 on Canson edition antique white paper stock. A special presale will begin this Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12 Noon EST on my website. During the presale I’ll be including insured shipping in the cost of $100 per set. These prints will be completed and shipped prior to Christmas.