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Isadora Bullock Deer Creek and Telluride prints

One of the great artists we are pleased to present on the blog from time to time is Isadora Bullock. Her prints are continuously some of the best each tour and have become a very sought after lot item since Phish’s return last spring. Isadora has about 15 Telluride prints left. Titled “Steep“, it measures 15″ x 21.5”, in a 3 color linocut limited edition of 125 The cost is $20 including shipping.

Her Deer Creek print, “Bionic” also measures 15″ x 21.5″ in a 3 color linocut limited ed. of 100. The cost is $25 including shipping. Paypal links are below the posters.

Visit isadorabullock.com to order posters

Greek Art show, Friday August 6th, 1 mile from the venue!

If you are going to the Greek Theater shows in Berkeley, then you are only a short walk from…….

Click for higher res, print and use map at the bottom!

Each piece in the show was created as a celebration of the Three day Phish run at The Greek Theatre, August 5-7, 2010 in Berkeley, California.

On tour, you see a lot of art one piece at a time as you stroll the lots. Some you walk by, others you have the chance to really check out.  Berkeley artist Ryan Kerrigan thought it would be interesting to gather everybody’s creations together, and have them hang for an extended period of time. Eleven artists total are represented in the exhibition: Ryan Kerrigan, A.J. Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Tripp, The Ebeneezers, Ian Millard, Jonathan Lamb, Michael Ortiz, Bruce Horan, Erin Cadigan, and Branden Otto

The show will hang all of August at Vintage Berkeley, a really sweet gallery/wine shop, just under one mile from The Greek Theater, in the “Gourmet Grotto“, Berkeley’s restaurant district. The opening reception will be Friday afternoon, August 7th,  from 12-2pm, and the vino will be flowin’.

Ryan Kerrigan says of Greek Art at Vintage Berkeley: “I’ve shown my work there three times in the past six years, usually solo (although Kerrigan has done an art show with his sister Kelly Anona Kerrigan at Vintage), this will be first time with a group. We have eleven artists for this one this show will focus solely on art related to the August Greek Phish run, and each artist will be showing only their piece related to this run.”

If you are going to the Greek, get yourself to Vintage Berkeley on August 7th from 12-2pm. A short walk for some great art and wine in an area known for its food, you can’t ask for a better pre-show activity!

Update 7/20: Art from Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz:

The prints measure 17 x 15 and are gallery wrapped giclee prints on canvas.  Below are some photos of the finished prints.  All prints are signed and numbered by myself and Ortiz.  Edition of 20 and is $70.00+$15 shipping and can be directly purchased from me via paypal at lamb@likemindedproductions.net

Update 7/25/10 1:30pm

On sale at the GREEK ART show, from Branden Otto:

"Battle of Henrietta the Cyclops"

Update 7/26/10: New Prints from Ian Millard, Bruce Horan and Erin Cadigan!

Greek Columns by Ian K. Millard is a Gel Transfer over a stencil/spraypaint colored background on wood.It measures  11″ x 14″ x 1″ in a custom edition of 10

Ian Millard's Greek Columns

Bruce Horan’s 3-color screen print ‘Poseidon‘ is printed on Coventry Rag paper. It measures 15 x 20 inches in a signed and numbered edition of 85.

Bruce Horan

Erin Cadigan’sThe Greek” is an artist pulled screen print. Made with Gold Metallic ink on Pegasus #80 Cover, this is a 13″x20″ limited edition of 40 signed and numbered prints.

Erin Cadigan's The Greek

42 Degrees and PhanArt Poster show was a great success!

Thank you to all who came to the 42 Degrees and PhanArt present The Art of the Fans of Phish poster show on June 20th before the Sunday SPAC show. It was a great success with nearly 200 attendees, 20 artists, dozens of pieces of art available and some of the best glass in the Northeast. On behalf of everyone at 42 Degrees – Jon, Robin and Mike, and PhanArt Pete, we thank everyone for attending!

As long as Phish keeps playing SPAC, we hope to continue to make this a tradition for years to come!

Some pictures from the event

42° and PhanArt Present: The Art of the Fans of Phish Poster Show June 20th in Glens Falls

42° and PhanArt Present: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Poster show announced to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation

GLENS FALLS, NY, MAY 1, 2010: “42° and PhanArt Present: The Art of the Fans of Phish” is a poster show taking place on June 20th, 2010 at 42° to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

The event coinciding with Phish’s two-night run at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center will take place on June 20th, 2010 from 11am – 3pm at 42° Art and Glass Gallery located at 23 Park St, Glens Falls, NY. Artists on hand displaying and selling their work will include AJ Masthay, Erin Cadigan, Jon Blake, Mike Wren and Ryan Sullivan. Work will also be shown and available for purchase from artists such as Ryan Kerrigan, Isadora Bullock, Vinny Naro, Jami Dudenhoeffer, Jason Lees, Cody Schibi and Jeremy Lebediker. More artists will be announced in the coming weeks as well.

The event is open to the public and is free of charge. A complimentary Sunday brunch will also be served.

Representatives from The Mockingbird Foundation will be on hand and all artists involved have agreed to donate a portion of their sales to The Mockingbird Foundation.

42° is an Art and Glass Gallery specializing in independently blown glass pipes from regional and national artists as well as displaying and selling limited edition prints from artists inspired by the music of Phish. 42° is located at 23 Park St, on the corner of Park and Elm, in Glens Falls, NY. Approximately 15 minutes north of Saratoga Springs via I-87 off of Exit 18.

PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish is a book compiled and edited by Albany, NY resident Pete Mason. Now in its second printing, the book contains artwork and interviews with those involved in the Phish community. Since its inception PhanArt has donated all of its net profits to The Mockingbird Foundation, over $2,000 to date.

The Mockingbird Foundation is a charitable organization founded to support music education for children. The foundation was set up in 1996 by fans of the band Phish and has since raised over $600,000 through donations and sales of the book The Phish Companion as well as the Phish tribute compilation CD Sharing in the Groove.


Isadora Bullock Trey Print

One of the few noteworthy fan prints from the recent TAB Winter Tour comes from PhanArtist Isadora Bullock.

“Big Red” is a 15 X 21.5 inch 4 color linocut in a limited edition of 55.  Each poster costs $30, including shipping.  You can order one of these great prints by emailing the artist, Isadora Bullock, at barkascruff@gmail.com

Trey Winter tour, by Isadora Bullock


Attention Phish fans, poster collectors, artists, brahs and brahettes!

MOCK SHOW EPIC NYE- Phish fan Poster Convention

website: Mock Show: EPIC NYE


The next Mock Show Phish Poster convention will be held on Wednesday, December 30th from 10am-3pm in beautiful downtown Miami, not far from the venue.  Located on the 14th floor of the EPIC HOTEL (270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami), fans will be able to see dozens of artists throughout the expansive and aptly named EPIC HOTEL. Artists will be spread throughout the Metropolis Ballrooms, Gotham A & B Ballrooms, Baxter Room & Entire Foyer.


Tickets go on Sale Monday 11/30 at mockshow.blogspot.com

Artist Line-Up

(*denotes PhanArtist)
























Charitable Organizations:






The 5th Phish poster convention and 2nd Mock Show will be held December 30th from 10am-3pm at EPIC HOTEL in Miami, Florida. As with other conventions, dozens of artists and exhibitors will be on hand displaying some unique prints both old and new, as well as donate to great fan-based charities.

Having attended the first two conventions as a fan and taken part in the last two as a charitable organization (as PhanArt nets profits for Mockingbird Foundation through sales of PhanArt and other lot art), I have to say these are MUST SEE and MUST ATTEND events for even the casual observer of lot art.  Some AMAZING art is found here. The Poster show in Miami on 12/30/03 was the show that got me hooked on the lot art, and it’s been a great ride ever since.  In fact, it’s fair to say that these poster-conventions were the early catalyst for PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish!

Of the artists listed above, there are several official Phish artists including Jim Pollock, David Welker, Jeff Wood, Justin Helton and Sei Rey Ho of Us & Them Studio.  This is Ho’s and Wood’s first Mock Shows, joining a crop of artists who have taken part in many, if not all poster shows dating back to 1/3/03 in Hampton, VA.

PhanArtists such as Ryan Kerrigan, Tripp, AJ Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Fred Hosman of HoscoPress, Bruce Horan, Erin Cadigan, Uncle & Aunt Ebeneezer, Noah Phence, Ryan Jerzy, Jamie Huntsman, Vince Naro, and Franky Scaglione will have their art on display, as will Michael Ortiz & Jon Lamb of LikeMindedProductions, Ian Millard and Drew Findley of Subject Matter Studios. Mock Show creator and PhanArtist Jason Kaczorowski will be showcasing his concert/festival and celebrity portrait photography in a special exhibition.

Included amongst the artists are non-profit organizations Waterwheel Foundation, Mockingbird Foundation, PhanArt (thats us!) and the main beneficiary from the event, Headcount. Headcount will be sponsoring an exciting opportunity for patrons to engage themselves in the democratic process of voting by helping stage a juried art event wherein patrons will receive ballots upon entry (and previously online) to “vote” for the their artists spanning various categories including “Best of Show”, “Best New Artist”, “Best Mock Show Poster” among others.

These votes will be tallied and awards will be presented during a catered VIP banquet ceremony Thursday, December 31st, 2009 from Noon-4pm. The awards ceremony will feature an additional surprise roster of artists exhibiting in a currently undisclosed location. Check back November 30th when tickets go on sale to learn how you can be one of only 100 special VIP guests to attend this inaugural awards ceremony dubbed “The Posties” where the coveted “Golden Tubes” will be distributed to artists voted best in their field. You’ll have a unique opportunity to talk candidly with artists, browse an exclusive collection of fine art on display, attend the afternoon’s inaugural “Posties” ceremony all while enjoying a premium open bar and delicious hors d’oeuvres. More information at on the Mock Show website starting Monday, November 30th, 2009 when tickets go on sale.

Isadora Bullock: PhanArtist

Poster artist Isadora Bullock  is the latest in our profiles of Artists that are featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish.  Having completing a Master’s degree in printmaking at the University of Delaware in 2007, Isadora moved to Asheville, NC to pursue a variety of projects and new medias.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

In true Phish fan fashion, when Phish announced their return, she dropped everything and started making prints again. She is currently working on her 17th phish print since Hampton. Her collection is incredible and

To order these prints, paypal barkascruff@gmail.com Please let Isadora know what print you want for the money you are sending her (makes sense)

Festival 8 Indio, CA linocut on rives bfk 15 x 21 in. limited ed. of 125 $25

Festival 8
Festival 8
8 poster being made
Festival 8 poster in production

“iposter” Hartford, CT 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 60 $35


“The Sacred Creed” Red Rocks Morrison, CO 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK
limited edition of 125 $20

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

“Whoa Possum” Knoxville, TN 21 x 15 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 100 $20


“Rye Rye Rocco” Mansfield, MA 15 x 21 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 100 $20

Great Woods
Great Woods

“Like things on my mind” Wantagh, NY 21 x 15 in. linocut on Rives BFK limited edition of 120 $20

Jones Beach
Jones Beach